Newberry County EOC Vara FM test

Dan WD4NG will have the Newberry EOC up and running for anyone that wants to test out their Vara FM and see if you can connect.

Tuesday 23 Feb 2021 from about 1800 to 2000 we would like for you to try to ping the Newberry County EOC where I will have WD4NG -10 running on  145.530, We have a very big theoretical footprint from that site, but need some verification. Please PING WD4NG -10 during that 1800 to 2000 time period.  If you know any other stations in SC running VARA FM please forward the details of this evening session to them.

Statewide Full Scale Exercise 2021

Demonstrate the ability to pass traffic to the State EOC

Demonstrate the ability to use simplex

Demonstrate the ability to use all resources available.


You should be familiar with how to fill out:

(click on download tab above for fillable PDFs)

ICS-214 (activity log, the State EOC calls this the position log)

ICS-205 Communications log

ICS-213 general message

Contact your leadership team for more information or to volunteer. For ARES you can click on about us and scroll down for the EC in every county.

Local ARES net menu tab

If you would like your ARES net added to this list please send an email to Pete K4LLE at with all the info and I will get you on the list.

Field Guide for Handhelds (HT)


Everyone in Emergency Management should know about this book. Consider if

you are at a deployment and someone shows up with an HT that needs to be

programmed to be useful. But nobody is familiar with the HT and the

owner forgot how to program by the keyboard.

This book contains minimal keyboard programming info on 85 different

HT’s  It  isn’t a replacement for a nifty guide but does provide info on

frequency, offset, tone etc programming. Absolutely essential. We now

have a copy in the Aiken EOC trailer.

CLICK….Available on Amazon for $22.95

Dave, WB5NHL

South Carolina ARES Statewide HF Net


New time and frequency has been announced 3.990 at 5pm Tuesdays for the ARES HF net originating out of South Carolina. All are welcome. Check netlogger for the frequency just in case we moved.

In the case of an exercise or actual emergency the frequencies in the Tactical Communications Plan will be followed.

Site Update


Greetings fellow ARES Members,

We had an issue with the website today that was unexpected and we lost all of our backups. We will get the site back up shortly.

Thanks for your understanding.

Billy – k9oh