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Greetings Fellow Hams,

I know that many of you are anxiously awaiting the ability to access our Registration/Database System. I realize it has been down for quite some time. So, I wanted to take the time and explain why the system is currently down and where we are in the process to restore access. As many of you know, I am visually impaired/blind. I use a screen reading application to use computers. This application is critical to my employment and volunteer work. When web developers that developed applications for use with many different browsers, sometimes they forget to implement what is known as Accessibility Settings that allow someone like me to access drop down boxes and other form controls that many of you would otherwise click with a mouse. The software we are using right now had an update that broke this feature so that I could assign members to their respective teams/groups. This is being the whole reason for the delay. I’ve been working with the developer directly and they assure me that it is going to be resolved shortly. It is a bug that was not intended. Meanwhile, I am working with Area 1 to test and make available to them their data. Then I will continue to move to each Area and work with each EC/DEC to ensure they are able to fully use the system. While all this is going on, I will be removing old content from the site and adding new content. Gabe Turner with SC EMD is sending us some content that will be useful. Once I have it, it will be uploaded. Again, we apologize for any inconvenience this has caused and I also appreciate everyone’s patience. Also, if anyone is interested in becoming a part of the web team, please email me at





2018 ARES/RACES Tactical Communications Plan


The 2018 edition of the ARES/RACES Tactical Communications Plan is ready for download.  The plan has updated information on new repeaters added to the SCHEART network in 2017.

Thanks to all the people who have submitted input this document and those who allow their repeaters to be used by ARES.  Most of all, thanks to the many amateur operators who routinely train and exercise ensuring they are ready to support emergency communications for South Carolina.


Roger KD4JQJ

SC ARES Tactical plan V4.4a