Something to Think About


Below are some thoughts pertaining to your involvement with a local ARES Group.

How well is your ARES group doing?

Do you and your group have a plan ‘When All Else Fails”?

Planning and organization are key parts to being prepared for a sudden or predicted disaster.

With the right assets and proper training your ARES members will streamline their activation
and your ability to deploy your assets will improve.

Do you have a written plan for any likely disasters in your area?  For the low country concerns
could be:  hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires, earthquake, train derailment or a port incident (such
as just occurred in Savannah, GA).

Do you have mock drills in your area?

Does your ARES group have monthly meetings?

Does your group try to recruit new members?

Do you know your adjoining counties’ ARES leadership?

Do you train with your local served agencies?

Have group members completed the needed and recommended ICS courses?

Have group members had any First Aid (including CPR) courses?

When developing a plan or SOP, some of the items your should consider to include are:
-how will your ECOM group activate in a disaster?
-do you have a primary net frequency to rally on?
-do you have back-up/secondary frequencies or bands?
-do you have multiple net control operators who can activate a net or subnets?
-who will facilitate the best use of your resources/group members in pairing up
with all served agencies depending upon skill set and available equipment?
-do you have a current list of members and contact information?
-do you have a list of all served agencies in the area along with current names of
persons in charge and their contact information?

In summary, have a plan and test it out.  (de W4KSD)