Winlink Vara FM P2P Challenge

Mission accomplished is this: Send a ICS-213 via Winlink operating in Vara FM peer to peer mode on a VHF frequency in simplex mode only with no telnet/internet station involved from the farthest point in SC to the state EOC.
We have the state exercise coming up on April 24 so that is the deadline to accomplish this task.
UPDATE 4/10/2021 
Mark KM4RK , AEC Dorchester is running Winlink Vara FM and will be available as the entry point for the  low country. We need a station in between to make the simplex trip to EMA 3 then we can do this.


Vara FM Stations menu tab added to the top menu so we can see who is participating


I just sent out an email asking for assistance from operators that are Winlink Vara FM P2P capable. This email went to all of the District Coordinators and every county EC, along with Officers from some of the clubs on the coast (if I could find your email address on QRZ). If you didn’t get it just drop me a message and I will resend it to you.

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  1. Pete – I’ve been using VARA HF Winlink for several months via RMS stations on 40 and 20. In addition I am Packet Winlink capable and use the W4GS-10 machine. Never had an opportunity to try VARA FM but did download the software. I would be interested in experimenting.

    Little River
    Horry County ARES

  1. […] ARES will be trying out VARA (a modem used for messaging) over VHF FM to get traffic to Columbia ( The goal is to do all simplex, point-to-point links without using internet-based Winlink nodes. […]

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