Below Are DRAFT ICS217 Frequency Lists. REVISED 6/12/13

ICS217 Area 1 VHF          ICS217 Area 1 UHF
ICS217 Area 2 VHF          ICS217 Area 2 UHF
ICS217 Area 3 VHF          ICS217 Area 3 UHF
ICS217 Area 4 VHF          ICS217 Area 4 UHF
ICS217 Area 5 VHF          ICS217 Area 5 UHF
ICS217 Area 6 VHF          ICS217 Area 6 UHF

SC Communications Plan

Communications Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

ARRL Monthly DEC/EC Report

ARRL Public Service Communications Manual

ICS 213, general message FILLABLE PDF

ICS 213RR, resource request message FILLABLE PDF


ICS 309 Comm Log Fillable PDF

The comm log is filled out during the exercise as a log of all communications in and out of the station. Some EC’s or DEC’s will ask you to send them your 309 after the exercise.



The comm plan is filled out before the exercise and distributed to all team members.