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Are you ready for Communications Duty ?

This one hour 22 minute video from the RATPAC Planning team is a must see for ARES and Skywarn volunteers.  All statewide emergency frequencies are listed in the tactical communications plan,  download it,  print it out,  keep it next to your radio.  Click on the picture for the video. Q&A starts at the 46 minute …

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Comm Academy 2021 Presentations

Just in case you missed it here is the complete list of Comm Academy presentations. Just CLICK here. I recommend:  Pandemics and Power Outages – What next? Presented by Brian Daly – ARRL Georgia Section, Technical Specialist  

Field Guide for Handhelds (HT)

  Everyone in Emergency Management should know about this book. Consider if you are at a deployment and someone shows up with an HT that needs to be programmed to be useful. But nobody is familiar with the HT and the owner forgot how to program by the keyboard. This book contains minimal keyboard programming …

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South Carolina ARES Statewide HF Net

  New time and frequency has been announced 3.990 at 6pm Tuesdays for the ARES HF net originating out of South Carolina. All are welcome. Check netlogger for the frequency just in case we moved. In the case of an exercise or actual emergency the frequencies in the Tactical Communications Plan will be followed.

Local ARES net menu tab

If you would like your ARES net added to this list please send an email to Pete K4LLE at with all the info and I will get you on the list.