About Us

So, What IS ARES????

        ARES is part of the ARRL, the national association for Amateur Radio, which is the largest amateur radio advocacy and fraternal organization in the United States. Today, ARES provides the organization and guidance to help amateur radio operators to establish a local emergency communications group. Emergency Coordinators or EC’s work with local government agencies such as police, fire, sheriff, search and rescue and offices of emergency management to determine what emergency communications needs may exist.
        South Carolina ARES is divided into 6 Emergency Management Districts.
Each District will have a District Emergency Coordinator (DEC) who will work with the local County Emergency Coordinator (EC) to understand the local community’s needs, and organize resources to maintain a level of emergency preparedness. Although the primary purpose of ARES is to provide emergency communications, ARES members also routinely provide non-business communications support to other public events. 

For more information about ARES, please contact your local EC. You may find your Emergency Coordinator or District Emergency Coordinator via the Leadership Directory