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Important Dates coming up.

Mark your calendar for these important dates. More details when we get a bit closer. Feb 10 2024  –  Saturday,  quarterly ARES / AUXCOMM / COMU training AT  SCEMD March 12 & 13 State Full Scale Exercise.  This is for County EOC,  State EOC & COMU March 16 2024 – Saturday, ARES/AUXC statewide Comex June …

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Can I do ARES & AUXC Both ?

Gabe Turner announces new additions to the State RACES Leadership Group

New Positions Secretary, Work Group Co-Chair – Steve Nixon Recruiting Officer – Pete Emmel Training Committee – Scott Vaughn – Steve Sweetman – Tedd Clayton Liaison Officer – George Mudd – Brad Lee Pre-existing Positions Deployable Assets Manager – Gary Lennart State EOC DEC / Radio Room Coordinator – Roger Mull ————————————————————————————————————————————– The primary mission …

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What is required to join ARES ?

The Amateur Radio Emergency Services team is always looking for new members. People excited about providing communications in an emergency situation.  So how do you join ARES and what is the difference between level 1 and level 2? ARES level 1 is the entry level, join the team come on in and look around. Talk …

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Difference between ARES, RACES and Auxcomm, in South Carolina

ARES: FCC Licensed Amateur Radio Operators who have voluntarily registered their qualifications and equipment, with the local ARES leadership, for communications duty in the public service when disaster strikes. ARRL/ARES provides basic training curriculum and exercise opportunities. The list of agencies a volunteer might end up serving is long but could include a County EOC/CERT, Hospital …

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Get Ready Volunteer Checklist

If you don’t have a checklist to help you when it comes time to deploy then this is a good stating point.  Download it, print it and add whatever you need. Get Ready Volunteer Checklist


On the 6/8 SCHEART training net Kent Hufford, KQ4KK presented this topic, which was originally written by Christine Smith, N5CAS (sk). It is a long read but it answers so many questions. WORKING WITH PUBLIC SAFETY OFFICIALS Modified from a Waller County, TX ARES training article written by Christine Smith, N5CAS (sk) Meeting the communications …

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EMA-3 Situational Awareness SET Results 10/4/2023

The situational awareness SET conducted on 10/4/2023 has finished. Event monitor Joe Wilson KO4WAA reports the final results.   We had a total of 96 participants. Thank You. Joe worked for hours scratching out this 309, winlink had nothing to do with it….. maybe a little ICS-309_2  

Volunteer Organizations Active in Disasters (VOADs) in South Carolina

In a typical disaster situation a county EOC might ask you to deploy to a VOAD site and establish emergency comms to the county EOC and state EOC. Your go box, portable antenna’s and your knowledge of all the possible methods to establish those comms links are essential. Here is a list of every VOAD …

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When to self ID

Riley Hollingsworth is the ARRL guy managing the Volunteer Monitor program and he has cleared up a few things about when you must self ID.  This applies to operating on amateur radio frequencies ONLY.  If you are operating on a frequency outside of the amateur radio bands you will follow the direction given by the …

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