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Integrating Amateur Radio DMR into a State Communications Plan

  View Video: Download Video: Documents: —> Provided by RATPAC…Radio Amateur Training Planning and Activities Committee 8/12/2021

Local ARES net menu tab

If you would like your ARES net added to this list please send an email to Pete K4LLE at with all the info and I will get you on the list.

Difference between ARES, RACES and Auxcomm, in South Carolina

ARES: FCC Licensed Amateur Radio Operators who have voluntarily registered their qualifications and equipment, with the local ARES leadership, for communications duty in the public service when disaster strikes. ARRL/ARES provides basic training curriculum and exercise opportunities. The list of agencies a volunteer might end up serving is long but could include a County EOC/CERT, Hospital …

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EmComm Power, Solar & Battery

Batteries,  solar panels and solar charge controllers. Which is best for EmComm ? RF Quiet solar charge controller, Series vs Parallel panels, PWM or MPPT, which is best ? View Vimeo Video: Provided by the RatPack group. Suggestions to live by: -> Never plug a solar panel directly into a battery <- -> Make sure the solar …

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Field Guide for Handhelds (HT)

  Everyone in Emergency Management should know about this book. Consider if you are at a deployment and someone shows up with an HT that needs to be programmed to be useful. But nobody is familiar with the HT and the owner forgot how to program by the keyboard. This book contains minimal keyboard programming …

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Comm Academy 2021 Presentations

Just in case you missed it here is the complete list of Comm Academy presentations. Just CLICK here. I recommend:  Pandemics and Power Outages – What next? Presented by Brian Daly – ARRL Georgia Section, Technical Specialist  

EmComm (Winlink HF & FM) Training group

While this group of folks is not associated with ARES they are committed to emergency comms specifically Winlink ICS traffic. So if you need some training and practice this group is the place to spend your free time. EmComm-Training Group

SC Emergency Management Division AUXCOMM program for Amateur Radio Operator volunteers

View Video: Download Video: Documents: “There is a lot to like in this talk.  Most of it is role model/best practice” Erik Westgard NY9D   The insurance question is at time stamp 53:40   South Carolina is a home rule state: Home rule in the United States generally signifies a shift of governing power from the state …

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Richland County, Fire Station Net 12/3/2022

  Fire Station Net recap Saturday morning, December 3rd, a combined group of SC Emergency Management Area 3 ARES members and Richland CERT members deployed at fire stations across Richland and Calhoun counties to set up amateur radio stations and practice emergency communication skills. A variety of communication methods were employed by participants including VHF/UHF, …

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