Richland County, Fire Station Net 12/3/2022


Fire Station Net recap
Saturday morning, December 3rd, a combined group of SC Emergency Management Area 3 ARES members and Richland CERT members deployed at fire stations across Richland and Calhoun counties to set up amateur radio stations and practice emergency communication skills.
A variety of communication methods were employed by participants including VHF/UHF, HF, DMR, Crossband Repeating and Winlink.
It’s important to practice these skills so that we can provide communication in the event conventional communication systems (telephone, internet) should fail.
Many thanks to all the guys who participated.
Also, big thanks to Marcas Houtchings, David E. Bagwell Jr., and the fire station guys who were kind enough to coordinate and host us at their stations.


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12.3 Fire Station Net Worksheet Rev.12.2.22

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ICS 205_Fire Station Exercise_Page 2 of 2

ICS-205A completed but not posted here due to phone number privacy concerns.