Significant Weather Event, SCHEART Linked Repeater Network

When a big weather event is expected the SCEMD might requested the SCHEART VHF repeaters be linked statewide during the event. When that happens the state EOC ( K4EMD ) will be monitoring the SCHEART network for damage reports or other significant information that needs to be relayed to the State Warning Point..
So what  “significant information” is the state EOC wanting to hear about?
The County/State EOC is looking for infrastructure damage or situations impeding emergency response.
Here are few examples:
1) Infrastructure issues like a vehicle bridge is underwater or washed out.
2) A tornado or funnel cloud has touched down on the ground.
3) The dam has broken  and the roads downstream are flooding.
4) A train has derailed.
5) The river is so high that the bridge supports might not be safe.
All other weather related information should be reported to the Skywarn net. Ask your local Skywarn leadership were that net is located and what training you should have to make an accurate report.
The state EOC operator is not able to pass on your Skywarn spotters report to the NWS. You are expected to join a Skywarn net local to you and deliver that report yourself.
IF the county EOC is activated and running a net on their tactical repeater/frequency,  it is expected that you will report all significant information ONLY to the county EOC. The county EOC will handle the report and forward whatever they need to K4EMD.  In many weather related situations the county EOC is not activated and in those situations you would make your report to K4EMD, the state EOC directly.
The state EOC, K4EMD usually does not run a NET for weather related events. Usually K4EMD is monitoring and will reply to you if asked. You can call for K4EMD or net control either way and if the state EOC is activated an operator should reply. If not just wait a few minutes and try again.