Procedure Words

Acceptable Procedure Words:


The person you’re addressing must acknowledge receipt on the message.

Yes, or that is correct

You have an urgent message and need to interrupt the current conversation

An error has been made and the correct information follows

Disregard this transmission
This transmission is in error. Disregard it

Numerals or numbers follow

I Read Back
I read back your message to me exactly so you can validate that it is correct.

I Say Again
I will re-transmit the message or part of the message

I Spell
The word will be spelled using the phonetic alphabet

Message which requires recording is about to follow

More to Follow
Transmitting station has additional traffic for the receiving station

No,  or that is not correct

End of my transmission and I DO EXPECT a reply

End of my transmission and NO REPLY is expected. (Never say over and out)

Radio Check
I want to know my signal strength and readability is strong

Relay To
Transmit this message to the addressee indicated

Message received and understood

Say Again
Please repeat your last transmission

Speak Slower
Your transmission is at too fast of a speed. Reduce speed of transmission

This Is
The calling stations identification follows

A pause for a few seconds will follow

I will comply with your message (Never say roger wilco)


Procedural Phrases

MAYDAY  (repeated three times)
Emergency distress call that overrides all other communications

PAN-PAN (repeated three times)
Same as mayday but this is used internationally

Securite (repeated three times)
Marine safety alert