Winlink for Emergency Communications: Beginners Workshop

The WaveTalkers crew will be hosting a workshop called: Winlink for Emergency Communications: Beginners Workshop, on Thursday evenings in the Month of February 2023 beginning on February 16, 2023 at 7pm Pacific Time.

This Introductory Workshop is targeted at hams radio operators who are NEW to Winlink. The goal of this series is to get New-To-Winlink users familiarized with the power of Winlink and how Winlink can complement Emergency Communications.  At the completion of this multi week workshop, you should be able to send and receive winlink email messages and submit information via standard Winlink forms.

Topics covered in this workshop will include:

  • Introduction to Winlink
  • Basic installation and configuration of Winlink on a Windows 10/11 PC
  • Sending and receiving email via Winlink
  • Overview of common Winlink Terms and Concepts
  • Introduction to Basic Winlink Functions
  • Sending and Receiving Winlink Forms relevant to Emergency Communicators
  • Basic Radio to SoundCard Interface to Computer configurations.

You will need a valid amateur radio license and access to a Windows 10 or 11 PC that you can install the Winlink application and other supporting applications onto in order to participate in this workshop.  You do not need a Radio with a computer interface to benefit from this class as we will start with training users on the power of Winlink and how it can help your Emergency Communications organization better assist their served agency.

The workshop will be conducted via Zoom and space is limited to 250 participants. An internet connected computer with the latest version of Zoom installed, a webcam, microphone and speakers/headphones will be needed to participate.

This workshop will be offered for FREE to the first 250 hams that signup using the form below. If you regularly check-in via Winlink for WaveTalkers LIVE or any of the Winlink Wednesday events then you are already familiar with the content that will be presented. Please pass this invitation to other hams in your club or organization that would benefit from this Beginners Workshop.

Sign up by completing the form below. A confirmation email with links to the Zoom and additional resources will be sent prior to the first workshop session. By signing up, you give WaveTalkers permission to send you emails related to this course. 

Thank you for joining us oun this journey into ham radio and emergency communications.

Chris Mattia de W6AH
Ventura ARES Area 6 & ARES LAX NE/NW

Important Dates for 2023

Mark your calendar for these important dates. More details when we get a bit closer.

February 11 2023, Saturday 10am, Quarterly ARES/AUXCOMM training.  Per Gabe Turner our next quarterly training is February 11th and will be focused entirely on the upcoming comm ex. It will be a virtual event and will start at 10am. Gabe will be sending out the Webex invite next week. Questions should go to your EC or DEC.

March 7 & 8 2023, Tuesday Wednesday, State full scale exercise

March 11 2023, Saturday, State Comex

Watch your email for an opportunity to register. Keep your SPAM folder cleared so you will notice if something lands in there unexpectedly.

Helpful tip from Dan WD4NG

Richland County publishes ARES exercise pics

CLICK HERE to see all of the Richland county fire station net exercise pictures

Lexington EOC preps for VC Summer exercise

ARES and CERT volunteers assist Lexington EOC prepare for the VC Summer exercise. The radio room was staffed to support this exercise which will be conducted during the March statewide full scale exercise on March 7 & 8 2023. One or two loose ends to tie up and we are ready to roll.

Winlink Power User Tricks

The Wavetalkers did a session Sunday on shortcuts for Winlink.
They covered Group Addresses, how to create and use,, how to save templates with your information, How to check for new messages before you actually download the messages (display list of messages), how to set a default template, how to set auto Telnet settings and other tricks.
Thanks goes to Lloyd M. Mitchell, KO4L

South Carolina ARES Statewide HF Net


New time and frequency has been announced 3.990 at 6pm Tuesdays for the ARES HF net originating out of South Carolina. All are welcome. Check netlogger for the frequency just in case we moved.

In the case of an exercise or actual emergency the frequencies in the Tactical Communications Plan will be followed.

Volunteer Communications in SC .. RatPac Presentation on June 9 2022

Topics discussed:

2022 State full scale exercise,  Auxcomm,  FEMA region 4/6 comm exercise.

Gretchen Birt
Dennison Comer
Gabe Turner
Roger Mull


click on the picture to watch the RatPac video

Thanks to the RatPac team for giving us the opportunity to present this.


Integrating Amateur Radio DMR into a State Communications Plan


View Video:
Download Video:
—> Provided by RATPAC…Radio Amateur Training Planning and Activities Committee 8/12/2021

Local ARES net menu tab

If you would like your ARES net added to this list please send an email to Pete K4LLE at with all the info and I will get you on the list.