SC Statewide ARES HF Net

The South Carolina Statewide ARES HF Net provides another communications path in time of emergency.  While subject to the vagaries of HF propagation, it is often available when other systems are not.  A training net is currently held weekly on Tuesdays at 6:00 PM local time on 3.990 MHz (+/-) LSB.  All licensed hams with 75-meter operating privileges are invited to participate.

We typically run Netlogger during the net to communicate frequency changes, add comments/notes, etc. You are welcome to follow along in Netlogger.

WINLINK – For anyone struggling getting started with Winlink, the first 10 minutes of this video can help you go from Zero to Winlink Telnet Installing Winlink & Creating Your Account

Winlink learning resources 

There are many online resources available to help users learn Winlink.

Two of the better resources are linked here:

Winlink-Workshop-WK1-WK11- Zoom-Series – RATPAC              WaveTalkers Guide: Winlink

Winlink practice opportunities

a) Send messages to yourself, or another operator’s station. Practice attaching forms (from Select Template) or photographs. Note, the total size of a Winlink message after compression including all file attachments may not exceed 120 kb.

b) On any day of the week, you can send messages to the group in Florida W4AKH Winlink Net.

c) On Wednesdays, you can send messages to the Winlink Wednesday group Winlink Wednesday.

d) On Thursdays, you can send messages to the Winlink Thursday group Winlink Thursdays

Passing message traffic

In keeping with the role of this being a training net and to improve the emergency response skills of net participants, the HF net planning group is adding passing of message traffic to the content of the net.

Ideally each week, toward the end of the net, we’ll include some sort of traffic, such as an ICS-213. Participation is encouraged, but voluntary.

If you are interested in being either a sender or receiver, please send a note to KN4KRZ at


Links to ICS Forms (with instructions)

ICS 213 General Message FILLABLE pdf

ICS 213RR Resource Request FILLABLE pdf

ICS 205 Incident Radio Communications Plan FILLABLE pdf

ICS 309 Station Comm Log FILLABLE pdf

ICS 214 Activity Log FILLABLE pdf


Radiogram.PDF (


Winlink Workshop – Learn about Winlink from experts

Winlink Workshop Twelve-Week-Zoom-Series


Thursday evenings @ 8:30 SC Midlands ARES Net To get involved in the South Carolina’s Midlands ARES, join this group and join us for our weekly MIDLANDS ARES Training Net at 8:30pm on Thursdays. STARTING Thursday, DEC. 16, 2021, this net will be conducted on the Little Mountain repeater, on frequency 147.210 MHz, using a positive offset and a PL tone of 156.7 Hz. Additional information is available at the Facebook page for “SC Midland ARES.”


Net Control Station (NCS) coverage
Day/Date Week # NCS
Tuesday, January 3, 2023 1 N4BQQ, Mike
Tuesday, January 10 2 N2EIO, David
Tuesday, January 17 3 KN4KRZ, Mark G
Tuesday, January 24 4 KN4KRZ, Mark G
Tuesday, January 31 5 KB3HNB, Bob
Tuesday, February 7 1 KM4RK Mark V
Tuesday, February 14 2 N2EIO, David
Tuesday, February 21 3 KN4KRZ, Mark G
Tuesday, February 28 4 KB3HNB, Bob
Tuesday, March 7 1 KM4RK Mark V
Tuesday, March 14 2 N2EIO, David
Tuesday, March 21 3 KN4KRZ, Mark
Tuesday, March 28 4 KB3HNB, Bob


SC Statewide ARES HF Net Script